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Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

I met E before her baby was born. She had a very precise idea of ​​how she would have wanted things to go, which is why she had chosen a home labor with delivery in hospital, but at least part of it would have done at home, also given the historical moment scourged by Covid-19.

Unfortunately, however, when she arrived at the hospital, E's contractions stopped completely, yes sometimes it can happen. 😫

The hormonal mechanism that has the function of starting the birth process is completely in contrast with the hormones of stress and fear / alert, which is why everything has stopped. In the days in which she unfortunately was hospitalized and still, she experienced great discomfort due to little empathic people with whom she had to deal, which left her with a strong scar inside, a great anger and bitterness.

I remember the words of her husband "It seems that here they have forgotten how to welcome a woman who has to give birth".

A great effort, a great tenacity to grit her teeth and go on, until finally the day in which the birth process was triggered her adorable little girl came into the world of her. She accompanied by an episiotomy.

But And she always told me that "it is not the cut that hurts me, but everything else! If it had been different than the first one, I am convinced that that cut would not have helped!"

With E we have come a long way since that day, treating her scar.

The elaboration, putting the pieces back together, understanding what that thread tied in her body, as well as flaps of skin, digging deeply. Being able to touch your body again and feel the sensations that that scar arouses, being touched without automatically withdrawing. Listen deeply to your emotions and tell yourself clearly what hurts you the most, in order to work, accept, understand. The road is not that easy and not quite short, but now she knows what she wants and how she wants it.

You know that it can and must evolve. Her Re-Birth has finally happened. (Her words of hers).

The birth scar is never just a physical scar. 🌻

Grateful for accompanying you towards rebirth!

Your midwife Lucrezia T.

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