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The Scar of Mom A.

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

This is the story of Mom A.'s Scar.

she gave birth 3 years ago with a caesarean which was not accepted due to "hospital rush" she reports.

"That night when I arrived there were many women in labor and the Birth Pits were all full I felt they had to hurry to make room and my contractions stopped ... so I paid the consequences of having gone to the hospital too much soon "

This phrase very often recurs in our Anamnestic Collection unfortunately ... a piece of advice we feel we can give you in order not to find yourself in these conditions is: You are looking for a independent midwife who can come home to evaluate and support you in the first phase of your labor so you know when is actually the best time to go to the hospital

This is a scar full of anger, resentment, rejection, feelings of guilt that among the many tears are expressed thus starting her healing. A scar needs

to be contextualized ...

To be elaborate

To be accepted

Before you can be discharged

And so Mom and I have been doing for 3 meetings and the results are starting to show

The scar has "emptied" of its emotional charge

The scar has reduced its extent

The treatment returned the abdomen to softness

The treatment is restoring Peace to Mother A's heart and uterus.Our journey started with only 3 meetings but we are already well under way ... we will see in the coming weeks how she will continue to react and modify Mother A's Body and Heart.

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