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With our Therapists you can also book

many other Specialized Services!
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🌸Birth assistance at home

🌸Assistance to home labor and Accompaniment in the hospital

🌸Midwifery care 

🌸Antenatal Classes  (both on site and online)

🌸Motherhood Song for a Conscious Birth (both on-site and online)

🌸 Prenatal yoga (both on-site and online)

🌸HypnoBirthing (online)

🌸Assessment of the Pelvic Floor

🌸 Prenatal Massage

🌸 Breech baby

🌸Treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine for hemorrhoids, nausea, vomiting, sciatica, lower back pain, edema, heartburn, carpal tunnel and much more ...

🌸Treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine to facilitate the onset of labor

🌸 Treatments for pregnancy discomforts



🌸Postnatal care

🌸SOS breastfeeding

🌸Growth controls

🌸Support in post-partum management (sleep-wake rhythms, breastfeeding, family management, cotraception ...)

🌸 Chat with the midwife (both on-site and online)

🌸 Courses and Mother-Baby Courses (on site and online)

🌸Yoga Mum - baby (on site and online)

🌸Babywearing (on-site and online)

🌸Baby massage courses divided by age groups (different techniques to accompany and enhance the psychophysical development of your child each meeting also includes the discussion of topics in support of the phase .... colic, teething, sleep-wake rhythms, lallation ... .

🌸 treatments of closure of the body after birth

🌸Treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine for post-partum discomfort

🌸Prevention and support treatments

🌸Weaning meetings (online)

🌸Spannoling meetings (online)


🌸Preconception counseling

🌸Consulting and treatment for fertility problems

🌸Yoga Woman

🌸Hormonal Yoga

🌸Consultancy and Ayurvedic treatments for menstrual discomfort

🌸Consulting and Ayurvedic treatments for conception difficulties

🌸Prevention and Wellness Treatments

🌸 Abdominal treatments

🌸Treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine for menstrual irregularities, premenstrual syndrome, sciatica, headache, hemorrhoids and much more

🌸 Seasonal Prevention Treatments

🌸 Dating and women's circles (both on-site and online)

🌸 Meetings on Eco menstruation - the menstrual cycle, the menstrual calendar, washable sanitary pads, cups, sponges ... (both on-site and online)

🌸 Meetings on female well-being

🌸Uterine Blessing Circles

🌸Pap test - cervical vaginal swabs



🌸Assistance to the Climaterio

🌸Treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine for climacteric discomforts (hot flashes, insomnia ....)

🌸 Consultancy and specific Ayurvedic treatments

🌸 Accompaniment path to the Climaterio 8 meetings (both online and on site)

🌸Yoga Hormonal Woman

🌸Specific gentle movement to support, strengthen and relieve discomfort

🌸 Ayurveda massage also with personalized Pinda Sweda

🌸 Pap smear - cervical vaginal swabs


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