Dr Serena Anzilotti ,
Creator of the Method & Founder of the International Academy of Birth Scars
She is a national and international professional, graduated with honors from the Sapienza University of Rome.
🎯 She is the Founder of the First International Society of Birth Scars, it deals with Teaching, Spreading and Preparing Specialized Medical Staff who deal in an excellent way with the care, support and complete healing of the delicate Scars of Birth,
🎯she is also the founder of: "ASM Training: International Academy of Holistic Health" the first world Academy to deal with, support, train and certify healthcare and holistic operators on the delicate issue of holistic female health
(Conception difficulties, Energy Medicines, menstrual difficulties, Respected Birth Assistance and much more (www.aiutosaromammaformazione.it) consult the Register of Members by clicking here over 10 thousand trained health professionals https://www.aiutosaromammaformazione.it/albi
🎯 since 2005 She has been managing the Association Center "Help I'll be mum", based in Rome, as President
🎯She is also the founder of the Center for Holistic Female and Family Health "Moon to Moon - Female Care", which she runs in Ireland. 

In her career she has achieved a long series of Italian and Foreign Specialists such as:
❤ Homeopathy with certification also for the creation and sale of Homeopathic Remedies
❤ Traditional Chinese Medicine

❤Floritherapy, with certification also for the creation and sale of Floral Remedies

❤Herbalist with certification also for the creation of Mother Tinctures, Herbal Remedies, Syrups, Compound Blends

❤Techniques for conception difficulties, to increase fertility




❤Reflexology, Acupuncture, Crystal Therapy, Chakrology

❤Sound healing Practitioner

❤Hatha Yoga

❤and much more ... she is constantly in training to try to support her users as much as possible. Every Specialist she has achieved, she has wisely blended it with, classic health care, to give life to innovative treatments, which she constantly teaches in her international training for health and holistic practitioners.

🎯 In her more than fortnightly career, she has trained 10,000 health workers, contributed to the foundation and affirmation of over 15 obstetric centers in Italy, 5 holistic centers and supported thousands of freelancers.
🎯She has written 3 books on Maternity and Parenting which she deals with in her Center both in Rome and in Ireland where she deals with
🌱 bring Women closer to their cyclical nature, to rediscover their instincts and their Feminine holds courses and seminars also in Ireland on the magic and power of menstrual blood, on the discovery and compilation of the menstrual calendar, on the Goddesses hidden within us of Blessing of the feminine ....
🌱she accompanies the girls to the meeting with their first menstruation called "menarche", helps and supports them with correct information and looking for mother-daughter and also Rituals of Entry into the Female World
🌱helps couples with conception difficulties
🌱Helps and supports the  Breech baby with a technique she has mixed
🌱She Accompanies, supports and Preserves the Sacredness of Birth at home ...
🌱and much more that you can discover for yourself on her special website www.moontomoonfemalecare.com
Thanks to her great experience, she was able to give life to the First International Academy of Birth Scars to bring the medical world closer to a subject that is too neglected ... and through the many therapists she trained, she has changed and is changing the life of many women all over the world ... wearing a Birth Scar can be really disabling and make everyday life very complex as you will discover by browsing the site and following the Facebook page.
Her Center for the Feminine ... ...

In Ireland she founded, an important center for Women's and Family Health 'Moon To Moon -female care and created a Temple for the awakening of the Feminine.
it is a magical, enchanted place immersed in the typical Irish countryside away from  noises .... where you can Recharge, Find yourself, you can Reconnect to your instincts, purify yourself ...

It carries out weeks of well-being, weeks of spirituality,
Meetings for families, Retreats for Expectant mothers who want to dedicate a week or more to reconnect with their instincts, with their child, undergoing her treatments, Rebirth Meetings,
Retreats for couples with conception difficulties,
Pilgrimages to Irish Magical Places such as the Hill Of Tara, the Temple of Brigit ....

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