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International Academy of Birth Scars

"Birth Scar Specialist" A.S.M.method

method created by DR Serena Anzilotti

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International Academy of Birth Scars is the First World Academy

dedicated to Professional Training, Scientific Research, Dissemination and Treatment

of the Birth Scars Treatment according to the A.S.M methodology.


It is the first in history to have dealt with and brought the attention of the medical world

to the delicate issue of birth scars and what it means to “wear” one.


It is the first in history that has been listening to your cries and your changes;

it has given voice to your scars and has supported thousands of women in their rebirth.

You can read more about this by clicking Consequences.


Founded by Dr. Serena Anzilotti,

I.A.B.S. is an international reference point for all Healthcare Professionals dealing with Women's Health.


The only Academy officially recognized and the only one allowed to

train, authorize, certify and reconfirm its specialists annually.

It promotes (first in the world) the International Awareness Campaign of the Birth Scars

that is held every year from 1 to 7 February,

to remember how many women have one or more birth scars and

what it means and has meant in terms of quality of life.


During the International Awareness Campaign of the Birth Scars week,
each of Our Operators has opened and will open their studio
to Information and Correct Awareness as well as a discount for Birth Scars treatment!

Support our Research!

 We ask you to support our research by sending us your story,
the story of your birth,
how the scar has impacted your life.
Your testimony can really make the difference!
We guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of your data and your story.





All our therapists are trained according to the highest standards,

rigidly selected and prepared directly from the Creator of the Method

who assesses their Capability, Understanding, their approach with the client and,

once the training is over, their ability to successfully perform the Treatment!

Each Therapist is constantly monitored in their work,
and supported by Regional Managers,
but this is not all.


Every year every single Therapist is subjected to a Re-examination
and a Recertification
to confirm their skills and to discuss clinical cases
to evaluate their management!


All this to guarantee
the very high standards of out treatment are maintained and respected.
Not always, as often happens, the exam was passed, therefore



Our Authorised Therapist are registered in our special international register and equipped with:

  • a registration number,

  • registration badge

  • Registration certificate for the current year

  • Business and appointment cards

  • 2 Exclusive working tools that she will show you when you are in her studio!

All are provided and certified by the academy at the time of registration/revalidation


As the International Academy of Birth Scars:


♥we place ourselves as an international reference point for Healthcare Professionals around the World, with our internal guidelines and supervision of holistic management, to promote the correct healing process of the wound;


♥️ we place ourselves as a point of reference for all women who have, or who already know, that they will have to undergo gynaecological surgery with support, guidance and targeted and personalized advice to care for their own scar, in an optimal way, from the very beginning to promote a correct and fast healing.


♥️We Support and help all Women who have undergone violent Birth Assistance they feel went against their rights and desires.


♥ ️ We organize themed meetings, events, projects (Italian and international) on the delicate theme of Birth Scars, to finally bring the right attention to a topic never considered and discussed, indeed only underestimated.


♥️ we are committed to spread, within the population, the risks and the consequences that a C-section and an Episiotomy could entail. We deal with disseminating detailed lists of all the inconveniences resulting from a birth scar. Finally, every woman will be able to understand the discomforts she was told "are normal and sooner or later will pass", can be immediately eliminated with our method, restoring the freedom to live in a healthier and empowering way.


♥️we are close to All Women and Families who have experienced the terrible experience of their Child's Intrauterine or neonatal death, we   have decided to offer FREE TREATMENTS to all who wear scars of this unbridgeable mourning .... a small important gesture to be close to you ...


♥we organize training and refresher courses on birth scars and scars in general


♥ we take care of checking and supervising the work of the Specialists trained by us, to guarantee you the maximum professionalism.


♥️ we have established an International Committee, National and Regional Committees that meet monthly to guarantee you maximum results.  We meet annually with all our therapists for updates, reviews, data collection and revalidation of their registration. Therefore, the accredited therapists are constantly monitored and updated to keep their role active in our academic society.

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