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Mom Deborah tells about her treatment ...

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

👉Mom Deborah talks about her journey in our treatment ... "the New me ❤"

Today we tell you the story of a Rebirth, that of a Mother. To do so, however, I leave it to her who wanted to put on paper the emotions and sensations that accompanied her on this journey, done through the treatment of her caesarean section scar.

I started this journey, because I felt there was something unresolved within me with the event of the Caesarean section, something that did not allow me to see totally with joy; there was a part of me that blamed itself for how things had gone, for not having "managed" to ensure my son a sweet and respected birth.

In the first meeting, thinking back to what happened, tears came down, I was also a little angry with myself; I was asked what had changed, both physically and emotionally.

I was no longer the same, I felt energy drops, I often felt tired and sad, I could not be lucid in the moments that required it and there were situations that made me live in panic; on a physical level, the stretching was painful, lifting my arms up I felt a force pulling me down and it was also difficult to extend my arms back.

As the meetings proceed, I feel my body transform, become more flexible and lighter; the thing that amazed me most is feeling the Unity of my Being, until that moment I felt separated, divided in two .. legs on one side and the rest on the other. My heart is as if it could not get the messages to reach the "lower" part of my body, with the operation the communication was interrupted .. it is as if the thin threads that connect everything, once cut, did not allow plus the transit of information;

I realize halfway through that the heart had a message for the scar and that she too had a special one for my heart ... they were finding each other, they were meeting, they made friends, it was just the beginning of a Love and a Union that would last for Eternity. Wow, what a surprise .. what magic and what strength, I was able to caress the scar with a heart full of joy, with a smile, with the deepest gratitude because in the end "my baby" came from there.

I arrive at the end of the journey inside me which has allowed me to feel more in balance, with much less mood swings, more energetic; I rediscovered that peace that had long been missing in me, the movements that were painful and difficult before, today they are no longer and the scar has also changed .. it has almost disappeared.

I share my experience because I feel that there are women who have lived and are living all this; mine is a message of hope, trust, love and much joy; to you, I want to say that we always have the opportunity to start over, we always have the opportunity to be reborn, we always have the opportunity to bless any event, the essential is to WANT IT!

A special thanks goes to my Midwife Francesca Spertingati who with loving sweetness and professionalism was my travel companion to the New Me, I also dedicate a thank you to myself, to my feelings, to my body that responded with natural magnificence to the change taking place in my heart.

Thanks to Life!

Thanks to you who will allow the Magic ..

Thanks to Jonathan, my son, teacher for me!

With love


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