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The scars of 21 and 19 years ago

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

The scars of 21 and 19 years ago .... 1 TREATMENT ONLY !!!

This is the scar of F .. a woman who had the first caesarean in 1999 and the second in 2001 ....

19 years have passed and the 2 scars seem to have merged into one ...

F .... a woman who was not too convinced to do the treatment until a few months ago, she did not "believe" ... then a few weeks ago she changed her mind ...

"Let's make an appointment immediately, if you can, now I feel ready to do so" she tells me ...

"I want to do it for myself, because I'm tired of feeling pain, of seeing this abdomen so swollen and ugly, I'm tired of not being able to look and touch my scar"

At the end of our first meeting .... an incredible result ... And not just aesthetic!

the two scars have divided, have regained their spaces, are outlined in two distinct paths

it is much straighter

The first adhesions dissolved

the abdomen has completely changed ...

The skin is completely different ... the trace of the surgery seems to have been erased

And if so much has happened on the surface, think about how much under there has changed inside !!!

While we are finishing the treatment, by instinct F of her touches her scar and ... finally smiles !!! ....

Thanks for giving me this emotion! I'll see you next week ...

this is Our treatment, these are Our immediate results ... this is Us

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