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And don't you photograph my scar too ... ???

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

👉dr Serena Anzilotti

🌸I had several scar treatments in Dublin today ...

🌸 Before starting the mothers now ask me "and don't you photograph mine too? I also want to see the before and after ..." and at the end of the session, the reaction of the mothers is always the same, "incredible but how did you done? How is such an immediate result possible? " it is wonderful to see you every time to see you so satisfied. !!!

💕As I always say Every body reacts differently, but the changes are immediately visible ...

And if there are externally, think about what happens in there, under you ..

💕Immediately the scar realigns,

💕 the underlying adhesions are dissolved,

💕 you no longer feel a pull,

💕 slowly, sensitivity is regained,

💕 the area that hosted your baby for 9 months becomes alive again, 💕 menstruation is regularized,

💕 menstrual pain disappears,

💕 intestinal activity takes on a new rhythm,

💕 back pains vanish,

💕mood improves ...

In short, the whole body is affected by the benefits of the treatment .. What are you waiting for?

If you have undergone a Caesarean section but also if you have suffered an Episioraffia contact us and book your appointment with a #OperatricedelleCicatricidellaNascita

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