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The only treatment with immediate results!
You will experience an incredible change starting

from the first treatment.


Our method is a 360 ° holistic treatment,
it does not involve invasive manipulation and
is absolutely pain free!


All our therapists are equipped with a

Registration card with Accreditation Number to guarantee

the authenticity of the treatment provided.

You can contact us directly to confirm their registration


International Academy of Birth Scars & ASM Training are training leaders in the

Woman-Holistic sector.
They boast twenty years of experience in

the Care, Support, Accompaniment, Empowerment and Discovery of femininity and care of the Family.


Our therapists are all graduated healthcare professionals, strictly selected, trained and accredited
to guarantee you the best of our treatment!


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What Scars Do We Treat?

🌸C-section Scars
🌸Episiotomy Scar
🌸Hysterectomy Scar
🌸Myomectomy Scar

🌸Any type of Scar (many of our Therapist have continued the holistic training on scars specializing in the treatment of each scar)
therefore contact us and we will give you the name of the Therapist closest to you!
Is there any specific time window within which it should be done?
We have treated and We treat scars up to
40 years after birth ….

I am pregnant, can I be treated?
🌸 absolutely!

👉your stories 👉

Will I feel pain during your treatment?

 🌸 Absolutely NOT ... ours is a Holistic Treatment which means:
It does not provide any traction,
No invasive manipulation,
No manual separation of tissue layers as all this would only create more tissue suffering
Ours is a gentle holistic treatment that works in depth and continues to do so even hours and days after the end of the session!

Broadly (we cannot describe in detail here our technique in order to protect its uniqueness) it provides


👉a holistic health interview,


👉a careful and meticulous evaluation of the scar with advice and specific personalized remedies to promote a fast harmonization,


👉 reactivation of the abdominal structures to relax the area from any muscular tension prior to our Ayurveda manual approach;


👉Execution of techniques taken from the millenary Traditional Chinese Medicine;


👉 oxygenation of the scar with moxibustion;


👉 sensory and energetic reactivation with the help of essences and other energetic remedies;


👉abdominal Ayurveda treatment;

👉 and much more tailored to your individual case.

 From the first session you will feel and perceive important changes!
Allow yourself precious time for your health: the body is our best ally!

Where are we?


Dr Serena Anzilotti 


Dr Danila Mancini


Dr Carlotta Comerlati


🌸 Malta

🌸 Italy

👉if you live in Countries not listed above, contact us, because the our training is expanding and will soon cover Every Part of the World !!!!



To be close to all women and families

who have lived the terrible experience

of an intrauterine or neonatal death

of a child, we have decided


to all Women who wear scars from

this mourning.

A small important gesture to be close to you.


We are waiting for you …

Are you the Mother of a Little Angel?

What our treatment is not ...

Statement from Dr. Serena Anzilotti:

I always want to say to both my therapists and clients that this is not a beauty treatment!!!
The results on a physical level are many and astounding as on an internal level (the non-visible level) a lot has happened!!!


In an age where most attention is given to how we appear rather than to our inner body, I am proud to point out that we are going against the tide!

When I conceived this treatment, my intention was to Help Women to help themselves. I continued to welcome Women who felt raped in their childbirth, disrespected, disappointed, angry, helpless and their scars were swollen, red, itchy ... and so, during almost 20 years in the field, I have always watched out for methods enabling me to find concrete answers to support the women who seek my help.
I have achieved many Italian and foreign Diplomas such as Homeopathy, Flower Therapy, Herbalism, Hypnosis, Naturopathy, Polarity, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and much more but each one had its own limits.


I then decided to blend the Art of Midwifery with holistic energy medicines and started to collect really surprising results. Slowly, this treatment came to life. It takes nothing to turn it into an aesthetic treatment and thus induce women further and further away from their body and their instincts. This is why I try, as much as possible, to protect the technique from going into the wrong hands (we do not publish photos during treatments).

This treatment really helps women find themselves. The common thread that harmoniously unites both aspects of our body (internal and external) and thus finally be a mother, a wife a daughter and a Woman.

It really allows a peaceful union of all 4 Women who coexist in us, and who, without the right accompaniment and the correct tools, are difficult to reconcile.

As evident by the hundreds of women who came to us and benefited from our treatment, by the end of the first treatment, they all say: "I feel like a New Woman"!

It's a journey, probably the first journey you'll make within your inner self. Don't think "I don't need any Journey", don't dismiss yourself from such an empowering and invigorating experience, don't believe in those who tell you: “come, I will treat the scars!” because NO ONE CAN TREAT THEM, not even Us if we do not have your Total Participation. The method is effective only if we work together.

Do not delegate your body’s health to a presumed specialist. I say presumed as I believe the true specialist is only the one who puts you at the helm of your body and does not make you become dependent to its care.

To be able to heal at 360 degrees, a scar must first be Processed, Absorbed and Accepted by the body but also by the Heart and the Mind.

We cannot think of healing a Scar if we do not first work on how much that scar has incorporated, lived and suffered. This is why we always put the history of the scar together with the photo, because it is not only what you see but much, much more. We work at 360° on body, heart and emotions. That's why from the first treatment the Scar is completely different, thinned, aligned and .... you will discover it.

It's Your Scar,
It is Your Body
You need Specialists who give you their time, who listen to you, who read your body, who welcome your emotions, who give you time to process the change, who take care of you, your body and your Soul. Therapists that give you tools of Growth and Healing. Our treatment Gives you a second chance, the possibility to discover yourself and the woman you are in order to allow you to really take care of your family.

Good life
Serena Anzilotti

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