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this is the story of mother Roberta's "help", a story unfortunately common to many but many mothers

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

👉dr Serena Anzilotti

A few weeks ago, Roberta, Claudio's mother for 11 months arrived at Studio, here in Ireland ... she is an Italian woman, she has lived in Dublin for 5 years ... for the birth of her baby she decided to return in Italy because in her opinion everything is too natural here, and this frightened her ... (a huge mistake but she can only say this in retrospect ...)

👉At 39 and 5 days she is hospitalized, because her time was running out (the physiological pregnancy lasts 42 weeks and each mother / child couple has their own time who is born at 37, who first and who takes all 42 weeks, does not expire , we are not a food product !!!!)

They start making various attempts at stimulation, but little works as the time is not right ... he gets discouraged, he gets tired and this does not play in favor of the perfect hormonal balance necessary to trigger the mother / baby waltz ... 2 days later she moves ... they stimulate more with the terrible oxytocin, she describes it with terror in her eyes, stuck in bed, continuous monitoring (unfortunately in many hospitals it is just like that ...) finally reaches complete dilation or rather almost ... they decide in fact to manually help her to speed up ... her baby starts having problems with a decrease in heart rate (oxytocin, stuck in bed, manual dilation, pain ... it would have been strange if it hadn't happened) then they decide to make her believe that the would still have helped, she now tired and exhausted relies on .. kristeller (the forbidden thrust on the belly !!!!) and episiotomy (the harmful and harmful intimate cut) ....

It comes to me with this enormous load of pain, anger, frustration, inability, guilt ... we have a very long but very long healing interview and we prepare for the treatment .... she has not yet managed to regain her intimacy with her husband and this makes her feel even more guilty, but the pain, the adhesions, the memories, block her ... she has an episode (this is the name of the cut once it has been stitched up) that reflects her state of mind .. we begin to work together first of all it must be listened to with the heart then with the body ... it lets itself go into a further healing cry and tells me "Evenings now I'm really ready to take back myself" and with the typical strength of women we begin our intimate work of synergy .... yesterday she concluded her 5th treatment ... she is a completely different Roberta from when I met her ... she thanks me in every way and way for having returned her body and soul to her. ... but I thank you for letting me permes I know I am entering into her History and helping her to heal it ... this is exactly how it is thought to be a treatment but in reality it is A DEEP JOURNEY INSIDE HERELF, a journey of discovery, research, new energy ... and it was just how I imagined this treatment when I conceived it ... I really wanted to allow this to Women .... happy and honored to support you and accompany you in your rebirth

Thanks to Mamma Roberta for allowing me to tell her story unfortunately common to many women ....

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