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This is my horrible scar .. I cry every day. Please treat me!

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

👉dr Serena Anzilotti

I get an SMS on wathapp like this .. "this is my horrible scar .. I cry every day looking at it, it hurts when the weather changes, it itches me, every time I pick up my son it pulls me and then it seems that it grows more every day ... Please treat me .... Sorry I'm Fabiola and I've been Riccardo's mother for 11 months, I live in Dublin and I have no way of reaching you ... "so I met this wonderful family ... 💕

Every woman experiences this scar differently,

each woman experienced the intervention in a different way,

every woman perceives her body in a different way,

every woman contacts us in a different way ...

even if the scar behaves in a more or less similar way on each of them, of Us ...

When mom Fabiola welcomed me into her home, she was excited and scared at the same time .. she was afraid that I might hurt her during the treatment ..

I started our accurate medical history, she told me how difficult it is to live away from one's family, loved ones, without any help ... She knows I can understand her ...

the tears started slowly at first and then like a raging river coming out ... they are part of the healing process they are welcome ... I explained carefully what I would do, what I would use and why and without realizing it she was in the middle of Treatment ... When he finally saw his Scar the reaction was

"Noooooooo I don't believe it ... But then it's all true ... But where did she go ???". These are the magnificent results after our second meeting and we are not done yet .. !!! 😍. THANK YOU for allowing me to share your story with those who follow us, it will surely be of help to other mothers ...

These are the Results, these are your stories, this is my method of birth scars, this is us ... and

We are here to support you and help you in the processing and healing of your scar in whatever area it is ...

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