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Mamma Stefania and her incredulity ....

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

👉dr Serena Anzilotti

👩‍🦰STEFANIA an Italian mother in Dublin, she contacts me in disbelief ...

"but do you really get such immediate results with your treatment?

My scar is all crooked, it pulls me a lot, it is in relief it made a bead and often it also itches ... I would like to try ".... I ask you to send me a picture so I can get an idea of your scar. ..I make an appointment for her right away

And here is her Scar before and after the first treatment ... Disbelief, amazement and gratitude

Each Scar contains the history of its formation, the emotions, the fears of the day of surgery are trapped ... An important Anamnestic Collection is necessary before proceeding with the treatment because it helps to let go, helps to remove, to drain. The rest is done by the specific treatment ... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR BOOK YOUR OWN ... ♥ ️

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