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Mom M. finally made peace today with her intense scar

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

The story of the Scar of Mamma M. who thanks to Our immediate treatment has finally made Peace Today with her intense Scar ..... But read her story ..

What does it represent for the female body to have a scar that even hides an hysterectomy or an removal of the uterus?

Scars represent a very heavy element to digest for a woman especially if this concerns the reproductive system because it is as if they touched "The cradle of our femininity" and it does not matter if you have already had children, because that organ is part of us and one always feels INCOMPLETE without It.

Scars are a MEMORY that help us NOT FORGET the experience lived as it should be BUT a scar can be able to disturb the quality of our movement

When you have a scar, the blood flow and lymphatic system in that area is impaired and not just the large nerves and small nerve endings are blocked. This creates a BLOCK zone of the tissues which lose elasticity and are no longer able to flow between them. LUCKY OUR SKIN, OUR SKIN IS A LIVE TISSUE and we can restore its elasticity.

😶I hear the "DEAD" zone

I DON'T SUPPORT TIGHT CLOTHING as they bother me with rubbing, even a jeans bothers me, I can't wear it !!!!




😶and above all sexual relations are "A HELL" I can't wait for that moment to end ....

👉This is the story of mom M. who today "MADE PEACE" with her Scar, finally ... AND WHAT RELATIONSHIP DO YOU HAVE WITH YOUR SCAR about her?

👉These are our immediate results, this is our fabulous treatment and this is us the birth scar operator ASM trained with the Anzilotti method

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