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M and her urinary incontinence ....

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

"M. is a lady who contacts me because she has been suffering from incontinence for some time .. with every sneeze, little effort she loses pee and this naturally creates a lot of discomfort.

At the first re-education session of the perineum, while we are talking about the interventions made in the past, she immediately talks to me about the hysterectomy of 10 years earlier, about how after the surgery she no longer felt as before, even on a physical level.

Her scar particularly pulls them to a point (clearly visible from her photo as you can see) which also causes her a lot of reflex pain, the area around her is also completely numb. We decide to take a parallel path by treating both the perineum and the scar.

Already at the first treatment the scar realigns and at the second as you can see it is completely aligned ... Finally after only 2 treatments she reports that she feels soft and mobile !! ... And now I am curious as you are to see how it will evolve in the next one. . We will keep you updated "👉

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