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The testimony of 2 intersecting scars ...

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

“I decided to treat the cesarean wound in anticipation of a second pregnancy, or so I consciously told myself. Instead, the treatment performed with Selene was a 360 ° cure.

Selene treated the visible and the non, giving my scar the true meaning of her, the birth of my baby. At first, when I touched her in the shower, I felt this thick cord, which also made me think wrong. While now I hardly feel it under her fingers anymore.

My belly has more stories to tell and Selene has also treated another scar, that one brought much more pain than the birth scar, both physical but above all psychological. And after some time, 23 years to be precise, this scar has also benefited. Especially at the point where, alas, the two scars intersect. It is definitely straighter and slimmer. And if this is the outside, who knows what work has been done inside! Many thanks to Selene for her work, her professionalism and availability! "

We worked on the birth scar to get to work on the past and then on the present, on being a daughter and then on being a mother.

A path a journey to discover emotions, bodily and energetic sensations. Honored to have accompanied this wonderful mom in recognizing herself in her new body in her new scar so that she can take care of herself and her baby!

After three treatments:

✅The scar is also mobile in the middle where it joins with the other scar

✅The central insertion point is much more relaxed

✅It is thinned and straightened

✅The complexion has changed and resembles the color of the rest of the skin

✅ To the touch it is very soft and not rigid

👉this is Our Only Treatment ..this are We the ASM Birth Scars Therapists

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