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The story of a scar that suddenly became TWO scars ..

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

The story of a scar that suddenly became TWO scars ..

It is the story of a woman who decided to undergo the treatment 30 (THIRTY!) Years after her first caesarean and 25 years after her second.

Initially, the scar was visibly one. Thick, rigid, not very mobile.

A little magic happened after the second treatment. Her body let the scar from the first cesarean emerge to the surface, which had initially only partially divided, then completely divided in the third treatment and disappeared almost completely during the fourth.

This evolution is nothing more than the mirror of a backward journey that this woman has made within herself.

Letting an embedded scar come out is the result of an enormous emotional work, which consists first of recognizing the trauma, then welcoming it, processing it to make up for it and finally being able to let go.

And here the two scars have divided and softened to the point of being able to accommodate the adipose and muscle tissue in the middle.

Certainly a great job that allowed to cure the physical component of the scar trauma.

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