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"The scar pulls, it is crooked, hard, it bothers me"

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

😩I can't touch it, it annoys me even when I wear pants, I don't feel it is part of me but only the sign of a bad memory ... ".

These are the words with which we became acquainted with this mother's Scar ...

She told us the story of her long labor unfortunately not physiological but with what commonly and erroneously are called "helpers .." including synthetic oxytocin ... to which the little heart of her child reacted with important decreases of the beat .... Caesarean of urgency!

And to use her words .. "Gown, operating room, anesthesia and" zac ": my puppy comes into the world and fortunately he is fine ...". An indelible memory of moments of emptiness when she thought that her whole world would be shattered into infinite tiny pieces ...

A few months after the caesarean section she decided to treat her scar and that's how her journey with us ASM Birth Operators began ... We are the midwives of the ass. Selene ..

After only the 2nd treatment, these are the magnificent results: the scar has thinned,

🤱 Realigned thanks to most of the adhesions that have been removed ....

🤱 To the touch it is soft and no longer rigid and fixed

🤱 Finally the mother is able to fasten her pants again without feeling any discomfort !!!

We don't work miracles, this is the result of a wonderful journey that we face together ... A path full of emotions, of sharing, of stories and stories that become part of our baggage of life.

Scar treatment is a journey of awareness, health and well-being.

Selene Association

These are our results, this is us, this is our treatment ...

Next week we will show you her further progress 💖

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