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🌺 Mom V's scar is not a birth scar but is very closely linked to it.

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

👉dr Barbara Colombo

Because the surgery takes place shortly after the birth of little B. When a suture becomes infected and they decide to cut very deeply, so much so that it also affects parts very close to the anal sphincter.

👉 the result

😫is a lot of pain

😫 cannot sit down,

😫 you feel pain in evacuating

Let's not talk about relationships.

Thanks to a colleague who is supporting her in a path on the pelvic floor, Mom V. begins the treatment of the scar. Mamma V absolutely wants to be independent, to be free and operational again without having to use drugs or feel pain.

As the meetings continue Mom V notices more elasticity, less pain and on the third meeting during the treatment I feel the scar that completely lets go under the fingers, together with her tears when touching a point she says "Here it is as if they are still me mending ".

Mamma V. lei She is not used to looking at the perineal area but slowly we touch it and look at it and here are her words "I can't find it anymore".

It is true that the scar has disappeared at the end of the journey but what will never disappear is the feeling of well-being and the resumption of a peaceful and pain-free life, her gaze satisfied with the work that she herself has started to do and will continue towards the light. , towards resolution. 🌅

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