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The Scar of Mom C and the birth of her twins ...

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

The Scar of Mamma C and the birth of her twins ...

Today I want to tell you the story of mother C., who contacts me to treat her scar because since she underwent a caesarean section, she suffers from


major constipation

Mother C. does not know that it is the adhesions formed under her scar that create these disturbances.

She comes to me with her white scar, which is hardly visible, in fact she did not come for an aesthetic question - even though she has had important cosmetic changes already at the second treatment.

We talked a lot, me and Mom C ... told me about her pregnancy and her constant fear of losing her babies, the sensations she felt on the bed while they were transporting her to the operating room for an emergency cesarean and the fear of not hear more the beats of his children. She finally managed to open up after a few years and together we welcomed her cry and her tears, because even though she knew she would have to go through a caesarean (breech twins), she certainly didn't expect he would go to that. way.

Mum C. tells me that she accepted this scar, she reminds her of the birth of her two children and she almost likes it ... but what she didn't accept was the way it all happened, the way it was. the caesarean was done.

The only way to accept all this is to take a journey into your soul, experiencing your emotions to the full without having to hide anything. Here is the magic of this treatment ...

This scar so white, that her body wanted to hide, at the first treatment it immediately came out, it became red and aligned with respect to before, it is reactivating to be processed, to help this mother to relive the emotions that in there they are hidden and make them come out, in order to arrive at the complete acceptance of it.

At the second treatment the results are already very evident, and not only aesthetically ...

Mum C. and I have paved the way for this inner journey that she has already undertaken and that she will complete in the next treatments ...

In the meantime the back pain seems not to have appeared until now ... and I could not be more HAPPY

this is our treatment, these are our results

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