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The Scar of the Birth of one of Our Therapists...

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

With enormous pride ❤️ and also a lot of emotion I will tell you this wonderful story ... a story a little different from the ones we usually tell and share ... It is I Serena Anzilotti, Founder of the Treatment to share because I am pleased to show you also the back, the emotions and the stories that each of us, Specialist, lives in his private life ...

On Tuesday I finished forming a new Group of ASM Birth Scars Operators ... And today this amazing result comes from one of them exactly from Doctor Beatrice Papisca ...

Will you say what's strange? Always share treatment results and they are always stunning ...

There is a particular magic in this photo, ✨ there is in every treatment we perform, in every woman we meet and support, we help ... But she ... BEATRICE PAPISCA treated a very particular Scar ... Scar that allowed her to come into the world ... She treated the scar from which she was born ... 💕

He helped your mother to overcome after many but many years the signs that her birth had left on her, you can see exactly how the passage of time is not helpful as we often hear, on the contrary ... I take this opportunity to remember that many problems related to Menopause resolve spontaneously following treatment .... It was an excellent result, a belly already from the second treatment New, healed, the scar has aligned, has eliminated its adhesions, and try to imagine that enormous work has been done under her, there is a world inside that does not you see but that it is affected and completely modifies the internal structure ... The skin is now regaining its tone after many years ... And it is only at the second treatment !!!

I like to imagine what emotion they both felt during its execution ... To think about how many energies were released, how many memories sutured and anchored for so many years were removed and right from the hands of the daughter ... When Beatrice shared with me this success was very exciting ... and I asked you to share it with you too ...

"Hi Serena, I just had the second treatment for my mum, just back from the CT for my birth. After the photo, which I am now attaching, I wanted to share with you my emotion and my gratitude for what you do and for what transmit in your courses. Making these treatments to mothers is already a great emotion, but doing it to your own is indescribable, my hands are still shaking. "

These are Our Results ... This is Our treatment ... This is Us ... The Operators Birth Scars ... S. Anzilotti methodology 💕

Beatrice if you like we await the results at the end of the course ..

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