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the scar from which I was born ...

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

👉Laura S. And the moving moment of the treatment of the scar from which she was born ❤

You have never dedicated a single day in your life since you gave life to me and my brother.

You have put the word "end" to your travels, even to those inside you, to never leave us.

Thirty years have passed, that faded scar on your belly is the reflection of a pale crystallized smile on your face.

Now let me give you a gift.

Allow me to open the chest of your memories, allow my fire to melt the ice that holds them.

Behold, now they flow like streams, tears never shed, as you retrace, with your mind, the path that led us to salvation.

Immersed in the fragrant mist, among unknown flowers, our hands meet.

And I find you again.

And I find myself.

Treatment of the CT scar on my mother, M.

Thirty years of

- itch

- tingling

- sense of abdominal tension.

Always minimized and dismissed with "But yes, after a caesarean it is normal ... and then the scar is beautiful, not even visible!"

After the first treatment, she already felt the tension ease.

Continuing, the itch has disappeared completely, the area has acquired normal sensitivity ...

And she managed to put on a nice pair of jeans!

But what is truly unmatched is the tremendous impact of a treatment that is healing for the body and soul.

After a long time, to bring back the memories of that operating room, of fear ... ghosts trapped in the fibers of that scar tissue, free to leave.

I can say that it was one of the most intense moments of our life.

Serena ... it was possible thanks to you.


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