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Mamma Roberta's "set aside" scar

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

Roberta has imagined many times what her birth would be like, she was excited and ready, she wanted to face labor in intimacy with her husband's proximity ... she naturally wanted to give birth to their baby.

They had already decided that it would be their father who would welcome Him and cut the umbilical cord ...

But something did not go according to her plans and due to the enormous disappointment she decided to put her aside, not look at her, not touch her and pretend that she is not there despite being grateful for the birth of her child ... Every now and then she pulls and it pinches a little, but that's okay ...

The first treatment brings to the surface memories, emotions and forgotten sensations, which were trapped in those few centimeters ... and the tears begin to flow.

Together with the right reflective questions she finally managed to contextualize her Scar ... And here is the wonderful result at the end of the second treatment today ... As we can see her entire abdomen has changed her appearance ... what happened under there and there inside him ...

👉These are our immediate results, this is our Treatment, these are We the Operators Birth Scars Serena Anzilotti method

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