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"I scar very badly .. Can you help me?

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

👉dr Serena Anzilotti

Roberta, an Italian mother in Dublin ... a few days ago she sent me an SMS and a photo of her scar ... "I heal very badly .. My body reacts like this every time I undergo an operation, but also simply if I am I make some small bruises .. Can you help me? It would be fabulous "... Today we met, here is the result after only 1 treatment ... 💕

The message we want you to understand is that the scar always needs to be treated regardless of its aesthetic appearance ...

And the treatment not only changes this but works internally above all ...

Try to look carefully at the before and after photo ... and you will notice how the Scar has also aligned, the result of the loose underlying adhesions ... Don't wait Book You too🤳🤳🤳, the results are immediate !!!

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