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I have always believed that the scar was more than a mark on the skin

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

. As an operator of the pelvic floor also known as scars, be they pelvic or abdominal, weigh on the entire body of the woman, negatively affecting systems, posture and mood. This weight is evident to those who suffer from its presence in social relationships, at work, but also in the relationship with the child: since when it concerns new mothers we cannot distinguish between their health and that of children. Life, like a scale, begins to tilt and lean in a new direction, and it is difficult to find a new physical, emotional and spiritual balance. I am increasingly amazed at how even a first treatment, which mostly works on the blocks generated by surgery, is possible to grasp a new symmetry of the scar, and its lightening.

The room where the treatment is carried out remains heavy, as does the body of us operators, who have shared a load and who support its dissipation.

The new balance of body and mind will be useful for a healthier life, but also and above all for better family dynamics and excellent care for their children: we remember that it is from the care of the primal period, of the first periods of his life, that we collaborate to build an emotional baggage for life. Is there a more altruistic gesture than improving oneself for the health of our little ones?

👉Here is the photo of the first treatment of V's scar. This scar tells about two caesareans, which bring with them different stories, as bitter as the crooked smile she originally drew.

After the treatment the scar

👍 has less space, it has really scaled down

👍 it has lost its thickness

👍 she also straightened up,

giving V. a new balance.

The starting point for a long work together, but which we know will lead us to rework the past to build a brighter future

👉 this is Us, this is Our treatment

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