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scar and pregnancy

Aggiornamento: 10 gen 2021

🤰🤱New pregnancy.🤰🤱 Previous caesarean section ....

DO YOU KNOW THAT EVEN IN PREGNANCY you can and indeed should treat the scar if you have not undergone the treatment first?

I'm the Operator Alessia Astone: When a caesarean is done, various layers are cut starting from the skin, up to the uterus, deeper.

In the following days the process takes place in reverse, instead of going from outside to inside, the healing proceeds from inside to outside.

Thus the various layers begin to approach each other and to "merge".

However, in this delicate process, the possibility of a deeper layer joining to a more superficial one and vice versa is not excluded, thus creating the famous adhesions.

Have you ever looked at your scar and noticed that it is sunken in one or more places?

These adhesions can also create the uterus.

Now, if during a pregnancy the uterus grows up to reach below the breastbone, without obstacles, imagine that same uterus in subsequent pregnancies how much it can be limited in stretching due to those adhesions. !!!

The great thing about our treatment is that it allows you to treat the scar even during pregnancy (with some modifications) so if you only became aware of this risk after getting pregnant again, think that you can still do the treatment 😍

A uterus with adhesions risks not stretching out in all points and if, normally, it is the uterus that adapts to the baby, this time it will be the baby who has to adapt to the uterus ....

This is Our Treatment .. These are We the Birth Scars Operators S. Anzilotti method

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